Ford Transit With Three Glass Racks Headed To GlassBuild America

Published Aug 14, 2019 Michael Mroczek

Summer is in full swing and here at MyGlassTruck we have been busy preparing for this year’s Glassbuild America. Our booth #2127 will feature a brand new 2019 148“ wheelbase mid-roof Ford Transit. Our team has put together a package that appeals to all glaziers with it’s double sided glass rack and roof rack, ergonomic ladder rack, and interior sliding glass rack. The van featured here is currently available for purchase and can be driven home from the show in Atlanta. If you are not in the market for a new vehicle but are interested in the equipment installed on our GlassBuild van we go into more detail in the paragraphs below. When are ready to purchase your next glass rack or glass truck give us a call 1-844-364-4022 or email for more information and a FREE quote. 

Double Sided Glass Rack For Vans

Our racks are engineered to be durable, fuel efficient, and ensure your glass makes it to the job site in one piece, all while making fewer trips to the warehouse. Every rack is constructed from aluminum which helps you carry more glass and be more efficient at the same time. To construct our racks we use Huck fasteners, which are superior to welds that crack over time. We utilize the most glass protection in the industry to ensure your glass makes it to the job site damage free. Every rack comes standard with three of our Adjust-A-Poles and can be upgraded with a wide range of options including E-track and scissor style cleats. The van we are taking to GlassBuild also features a sign panel and upgraded cleats. Shop Glass Racks

Sliding Interior Glass Rack

The Interior Sliding Glass Rack provides a unique solution for having a glass rack inside your van. The “Slider” uses our standard glass rack design and mounts it onto a sliding base. This allows the rack to extend up to 70% out of the back of your van, making loading and unloading a breeze. The Slider's base is securely mounted to the van's floor in multiple locations and can hold up to 800 lbs. when extended. While in transit, the Slider's base locks into place ensuring your cargo is safe. Slider's come standard with two rows of E-track and cargo straps providing you with plenty of ways to secure glass. A shelf on the opposite side of the rack provides plenty of storage for your tools. Shop Interior Sliding Glass Racks

Optional Larger Hi-Visibility Front Stops for Standard Van and Pickup Racks 

We strive to make the highest quality glass transportation racks in the business and we do that by continuously improving our products via engineering, testing, and customer feedback. We were able to build a larger front stop for our glass racks to offer protection against damage from dirt and debris as your vehicle travels down the road. With safety being our number one priority we are able to apply a high visibility decal to the larger front stop. 

Added roof rack option - DeployPro Ladder Rack

In addition to the roof rack installed on the van we’ve added an ergonomic ladder rack to aid in the storage and handling of an essential tool for a glaziers job. The ladder rack’s design allows the user to safely store and deploy ladders from the rear of the van. The system’s integrated hydraulic cylinder provides a controlled ladder deploy and gas-assisted lift for stowing ladders up to 75 pounds. An all aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware provides increased durability and years of service. Adjustable ladder support bars assure a good fit for various ladder sizes.