Fox Glass New England trusts MyGlassTruck for best-in-class delivery

Published Jan 19, 2018 Kyle Jacober

Richie Kohler, owner of Fox Glass New England has an illustrious career as an avid scuba diver and glazier. With years of experience both scuba diving and in the glass industry, Richie knows that only the best equipment can be used and trusted. That’s why he’s been using MyGlassTruck’s pick up and van racks for the past 4 years. Kohler has explored and discovered some of the greatest ship-wrecks across the world including RMS Titanic and HMHS Britannic. Upon discovering a World War II German submarine, U-869, Kohler’s career took off with his own original TV show Deep Sea Detectives on the History Channel. Kohler also sticks to his family’s roots of being top glaziers in the North-East. Kohler shares some of the same qualities as MyGlassTruck’s President Rustin Cassway who is also an avid scuba diver. Both have years of knowledge within the glass industry, and understand the importance of providing their companies with the best equipment possible to get the job done right.   


Kohler knows he can rely on MyGlassTruck to provide him with all his glass transportation needs. MyGlassTruck provides a quick turnaround so you can provide uninterrupted best-in-class delivery service to your customers. MyGlassTruck can source a vehicle and install a racking system as we’ve done for Fox Glass. We can also install a rack on your vehicle or even ship a kit to you for self-installation. With three locations across the United States, servicing the Greater Los Angeles Area, Greater Philadelphia Area, and Greater Boston Area, MyGlassTruck can provide immediate delivery of in-stock racks or trucks. Fox Glass operates 17 locations along the Eastern seaboard and relies on MyGlassTruck’s top quality glass racks for its glass operations. 

MyGlassTruck offers a variety of interior and exterior glass racks for companies. Interior racks protect your glass from all the elements and keep your glass clean. With fixed position interior racks and a sliding interior van rack, MyGlassTruck has a variety of different ways to keep your glass securely stowed away. Our glass rack-shelf combo unit gives glaziers a versatile solution for organizing and transporting supplies and glass, right in the back of your van. Visit the interior glass rack section of our website for more details on our line of interior racks.