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Fleet of New Patriot Glass Trucks with Re-Designed Ledges Headed to the West Coast

MyGlassTruck’s partners at Ryder Transportation Services and Chevrolet put in a coast-to-coast effort to get this project to the finish line for Glasswerks in Southern California.

By Michael Mroczek - December 30, 2020

Featured: Interior Glass Rack

3 Reasons Interior Glass Racks are a Great Investment

We get it...a business purchase has to drive profit to the bottom line. Here are 3 reasons why many glazier’s have no problem justifying an interior glass rack by MyGlassTruck!

By John Keller - November 13, 2020

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How To Take Advantage Of The Section 179 Deduction On New Glass Carrying Equipment

As 2020 comes to a close, MyGlassTruck wants to remind you about Section 179. A program that provides small and medium sized companies a tax deduction when purchasing new or pre-owned equipment.

By Michael Mroczek - October 16, 2020

Featured: Company News

MyGlassTruck Makes Donation to Fight Breast Cancer Despite Pandemic.

Sadly, breast cancer doesn’t sleep during a pandemic. But neither does the MyGlassTruck Campaign to Fight Breast Cancer. In spite of the pandemic we’ve raised $10,188 since March 2020, $111,947...

By John Keller - October 09, 2020