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Aluminum Install Cart 68-Inch L

SKU #: AIC-68
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Aluminum Install Cart 68-Inch L

SKU #: AIC-68

Aluminum Install Cart   

68" L x 24" W x 25" H 
Weight: 67 lbs 
Capacity: 750 lb.

• Large 10" all terrain casters provide a dampening effect when crossing roughdivsurfaces. Includes two swivel casters and two rigid casters with brakes.

• Heavy duty 750 lb. capacity.
• High ground clearance for stairs, thresholds, and curbs.
• Wheels can rest on stair treads.
• The AIC has easy to use clamps to secure material to cart.
• Neoprene rubber is mounted to base and upright to help protect material, and support cut outs.
• Lightweight and rust free aluminum frame eases mobility.
• AIC-36 Ships UPS for freight savings.

Price: $760.00

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