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In 1989, the same year we started Demountable Concepts, Inc., Bond Body a major manufacturer of glass carriers in the Philadelphia region went out of business. Many glass companies in the region were left without a carrier supplier.

At that time our facility was located across the street from architectural glass manufacturer JE Berkowitz, LP in Westville, NJ. They appreciated the innovative features and high quality fabrication of our demountable truck bodies and asked us to build glass carriers for them.

They liked the carriers and the word was out. We took over the products offered by Bond Body and over the next two decades designed and fabricated hundreds of high quality custom glass racks for a select group of clients throughout the US Mid-Atlantic Region.

MyGlassTruck Goes Solar

We asked, "What can we do to improve our process?" and our answer was to decrease our impact on the environment. MyGlassTruck has been on the road to corporate responsibility for some time. That is why we've gone solar and we have found many pluses for becoming environmentally aware.

  • Goal — Corporate responsibility to be sustainable — What we leave behind affects the future of our company, the world in which we live, and the resources our children and grandchildren will have.
  • Goal — Improved economics — Solar power allows us to save more money from daily and annual expenses which we can re-invest into MyGlassTruck
  • Goal — To create a business that has a positive impact on the environment — By improving our work structure we save money, grow profits, and decrease the impact we have on the environment.

Solar Panels - My Glass Truck

“Who knew that ten years ago that going solar would have such a positive impact on our business model, bottom line, and still give back to the generations that follow in our footsteps.”
- Rustin Cassway, President

Now offering High-quality
glass rack SOLUTIONS to
a global client base!

The popularity of our wide-range of glass racks for nearly any vehicle has enabled us to increase our production capacity. We've recently moved into a larger 50,000 sq/ft facility in Glassboro, NJ and have added more state-of-the-art production equipment including a CNC plasma cutter.

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Leading Industry publication recognizes the "Nice Rack" Campaign - photo

Leading Industry publication recognizes the "Nice Rack" Campaign

Glass Magazine has recognized MyGlassTruck.com for its efforts in raising donations for the Central and South Jersey Affiliate of Susan G. Komen through the “Nice Rack” Campaign to Fight Breast Cancer. Click here, to learn more about the “Nice Rack” Campaign.

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MyGlassTruck.com Approaching $34K in “Nice Rack” Campaign - photo

MyGlassTruck.com Approaching $34K in “Nice Rack” Campaign

MyGlassTruck.com (MGT) has raised nearly $34,000 to date for breast cancer research through its “Nice Rack” campaign. For every glass rack it sells, MGT makes a donation benefiting the Central and South Jersey Affiliates of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. MyGlassTruck.com, which also has taken donations in the past at industry trade shows, launched the campaign in the beginning of September 2011.

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USGlass magazine’s Annual Readers Choice Awards Select mgt’s Curtain-Side Glass Truck Body - photo

USGlass magazine’s Annual Readers Choice Awards Select mgt’s Curtain-Side Glass Truck Body

MyGlassTruck.com says its newest curtain-side glass truck body combines the accessibility of open racks for side loading with the added security of retractable curtains to protect glass in transit. These truck bodies have continuous front-to-rear outer glass support ledges for transport of wider sheets of glass and the shorter wheelbase of the cab over chassis provides maneuverability for deliveries in tight areas according to the company.

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MYGLASSTRUCK.COM WINS Best Medium Booth AT 2012 Glass Build America Las Vegas - photo

MYGLASSTRUCK.COM WINS Best Medium Booth AT 2012 Glass Build America Las Vegas

With pink carpet, pink furniture, and even pink shoes, MyGlassTruck.com brought breast cancer awareness to the show floor. Social awareness + creating business leads = amazing winning combination!

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