October 17, 2022

Make Core Values Part of Your Company's Message

Today, potential customers, employees, and vendors want to know more than “what you do and why you’re the best”. They want to know what you stand for. What you’re all about. One way to do that is to put your core values into writing and promote them.
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Today, potential customers, employees, and vendors want to know more than “what you do and why you’re the best”. They want to know what you stand for. What you’re all about. One way to do that is to put your core values into writing. It’s a great way to consistently communicate what customers and vendors should expect when doing business with you and to convey a simple set of values to help employees succeed.

What are Core Values?

Core Values are a statement of what you and your employees believe in. They are meant to be used as a moral guide book for decision making and interactions and are a big part of what defines your company’s culture. On a practical level, Core Values, also called value statements, generally consist of four to six statements that define your highest priorities as a company and translate them into actionable statements.

Why Should You Come Up With Your Core Values?

They are a simple, direct, and cost-effective way to communicate your company culture to customers, employees, and vendors. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Imagine a customer trying to choose between you and a competitor who both quoted close prices on the same job. The company that communicates their values stands out and has a better chance of winning the deal.
  • Instead of managers explaining how to be a good employee over and over again, your core values are always present to guide workers in the right direction.
  • Your suppliers and vendors will see what you stand for and they may feel more confident about extending you credit or better terms because your values show you are working to be the best you can be.

How to Come Up with Your Unique Core Values

Consider how you want customers and employees to be treated and come up with actionable behaviors that would create those outcomes. Teamwork? Best-in-Class Workmanship? Inclusiveness? Neatness? Don’t be afraid to be original. As a matter of fact, the more original the better. Avoid fancy “buzzwords” and write them like your customers would say them.

Include employees in the conversation for perspective and buy-in. Your values must be lived up to by all in the organization. At the end of the process don’t settle for anything less than “a guide to how you would want your family to treat each other.” And remember, you can always change them if you think of something better. If you google “company core values” there are plenty of examples and ideas. Here’s a great article to get you started.

How to Promote Your Core Values

At the least you can add them to your website as a written section and place a poster communicating them with the other workplace info near the time clock. At MyGlassTruck they are featured on our “about us” page with a simple illustration and description for each value. If you are looking to have illustrations made without breaking the bank there are sites where different designers provide freelance services. We also printed a pocket sized brochure that each employee receives. It's used like a “guide book” to decide the best way to handle tough situations. We also featured them on the back of a t-shirt given to all employees at a company function and on employee incentive program hoodies. Consider making social media posts about employees who lived up to your values.

Developing your core values and putting them into practice can be a game changer in three ways. When customers see that you are willing to put your dedication to quality behavior and service in writing they will feel more comfortable about doing business with you. Employees will know what’s expected of them when dealing with customers and colleagues without continual re-training. Vendors may be more at ease extending credit and terms because they know your moral compass is directing you to a positive place.

Here are the Full Versions of MyGlassTruck's Core Values

Drive to Succeed
Set and achieve work goals for yourself that benefit the company. Take initiative, innovate and improve. Invest your best effort into every task. Our success depends on your success.

Do the Right Thing - Always
Act with integrity, keep your word and be honest. Take responsibility and be worthy of trust. Speak up if you have an idea or concern. Never cut corners at the expense of safety. Always.

Be a Great Team Player
Strive to be positive, fun to work with, inclusive, and humble. Our differences make us a stronger as a team. We all have something to offer and are unstoppable when we work together.

Do Great Work
Always put the customer first. Sweat the details. Take pride in every job, no matter the size. Be a pro who does the job right the first time, every time. Our reputation is a reflection of you working hard and smart.

Grow Yourself and Others
Stay curious. Ask questions. Take every opportunity to educate yourself and improve your skills. Mentor others and pass on the expertise and knowledge you've earned to benefit our team.

A diverse and accepting workplace increases innovation and our rate of success. An inclusive culture reflecting all of society isn’t just right, it’s also smart. Be respectful, non-judgmental and fair to all.

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