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Hero Glass Truck Body (Enclosed Body)

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Hero Glass Truck Body (Enclosed Body)

The Hero truck body takes a few of its design cues from our Patriot body and wraps them in an aluminum enclosure with double rear doors. The Hero can be installed on a cab-over chassis or select van cab-chassis. The aluminum body features glass racks on the inside and outside of the body, with plenty of storage for tools and other materials. There's also a translucent roof and LED lighting that help illuminate the inside of the cargo area. Lockable, double rear doors with anti-racking hardware keep cargo safe and secure. A walk ramp can also be incorporated to help make loading and unloading a breeze.

Every glass truck body contains features that are available across our entire lineup. You can be sure that every rack is constructed from strong & lightweight aluminum, joined together by Huck fasteners that are superior to welding, and feature the most glass protection padding in the industry. We design and build every truck at our 50,000 square foot facility located in Glassboro, New Jersey. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your glass truck body is best-in-class. Our team of glass transportation experts, engineers, and technicians ensure that your glass body is manufactured to your exact specifications. The team at MGT will help guide you from your initial quote & engineering all of the way to delivery and implementation of your new vehicle.

Product Features:

  • Enclosed Glass Rack Truck Body with Aluminum Walls
  • 5“ Deep Ledges
  • Rear Double Doors with Anti-Rack Hardware
  • Translucent Roof
  • Optional Roll-Out Walk Ramp
  • Removable Wheel Skirt

Optional Extras:
  • Additional Adjust-A-Poles
  • Sign Panel with Graphics
  • E-Track Cargo Control System
  • Second Ledge System
  • Scissor-Style Cleats
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Rear Mount Tool Box
  • Rear Mini Doors
  • Rear Fuel Fill

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