Best-In-Class Interior Glass Racks

We offer a wide range of interior glass racking solutions to help you carry more materials, keep your cargo safe, and make fewer trips to the warehouse. MGT has everything from shelving that doubles as a glass rack to full size interior racks that can double the amount of material you can carry.

Interior Glass Racks

A-Frame Glass Rack
Easy to install "A-Frame" design glass carrier for pick-up trucks.
Interior Glass Rack
Lightweight Glass Storage for the Inside of Your Vehicle
Sliding Glass Rack
Easy, Struggle Free Loading and Unloading
Glass Rack Shelf Combo
Interior Glass Rack With Built In Shelving.
Harp Rack
Easy transportation of glass lites for cutting on location.
Strap-In Glass Rack
Easily Removable Aluminum Freight Racks for Van Body Straight-Trucks.