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Why My Glass Truck?

My Glass Truck — MGT — is a customer focused company that offers its team members a Best-in-Class facility where innovation is always a top-shelf goal. The key to MGT's two decades of leadership within the glass hauling industry is its team. The company values each member of the team and listens to ideas, allows freedom to design, converse, and create products that lead the industry.

MGT offers an awesome company culture with key benefits that are both generous and extensive. Expect top health benefits, 401-K with matching, uniforms that are comfortable, durable, and that enhance safety. This is a company that focuses on hands-on learning so new graduates can improve skills and grow into higher positions. The company thrives on team spirit as a celebration of achievement. Why My Glass Truck? Because innovation is only as good as the team who creates. Consider joining our world-class team today.

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GT is an assemblage of six teams that work together in a seamless method that consistently produces innovative products that push the market forward.

  • Fabrication — World-class facility with ample space and modern tools that make the fabrication of parts an easy and inspiring process.
  • Assembly — Large facility with top-tier tools and workspace that enables and encourages high-quality results through easy of use and helpful team atmosphere.
  • Installation — Innovative lifts/hoists that allow easy manipulation of large pieces and full cart fitting onto trucks.
  • Engineering — Top-shelf software and computers that allow ideas to move from thoughts to reality with purpose and care.
  • Sales & Customer Support — Sales shares the innovations with new customers and helps the company grow. Customer service works with existing clients to overcome specific issues and serves as a bridge between other teams to develop custom applications that makes each client happy.
  • Shipping — Masters heavy-duty packaging and custom crating, delivery, and transportation of products so that clients receive products in top shape and on time.

Our team atmosphere is driven by ideas that come from all four teams and all team members. MGT appreciates and encourages ideas for design and innovation from all levels of our team.

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“I promise to build the best and most reliable glass carriers in the world.”

Watch Our Promise

MGT is an industry leader with two decades of service to our suppliers and our customers. We work on the promise that we will deliver innovative products that help each customer do their job better, safer, and with quality. We focus on being a partner to in each customer's business by providing them the best tools to meet their customer's demands. We promise a lot and on that we always deliver.

While our competitors are still catching up, we continue to innovate, because we’re not satisfied with just being good—we want to stay the best. We’ll be here tomorrow, and the next day and beyond.

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MGT is a unique place to work. We do not hire employees. We hire team members. We look for people who are innovative, willing, and capable. A degree is not always needed and MGT offers hands-on learning. We value drive, integrity, and hard work. Our customers work hard and our aim is to work as hard as they do.

We review applications to find people who fit open positions and positions that may come open in the future. If you are ready to work with MGT, apply today.

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