Huck Magna-Grip Fasteners

Detail of Huck fasteners used in the construction of a glass carrying rack

Fabricated with huck magna-grip fasteners for maximum strength and integrity

Using Huck Magna-Grip® Lock Bolts to ensure the integrity and performance of our carriers sets apart from our competitors. While most other glass carriers are fastened together with welds, huck bolts offer distinct advantages that increase the strength, integrity and consistency of the glass carriers that we manufacture at

Six Reasons Why We use Huck Fasteners:


Each fastener's clamping force is uniform throughout the glass carrier - guaranteed! Unlike welding, huck bolts don't weaken the surrounding material. The flush-breaking, lock-groove design also offers a wide grip range and easy, accurate installations.

Complements Aluminum's Strength

Huck Magna-Grip® Lock Bolts maintain superior textile strength and high shear without weakening the surrounding material. When components are welded together, it is typically the area of the weld where aluminum starts cracking and losing its integrity.

Not Subject To Vibrations

As a mechanical fastener, a Huck Magna-Grip® Lock Bolt is immune to the stresses and vibrations of highway driving. In comparison, welded components are more prone to fatigue and failure as a result of these vibrations.

Straightforward & Quick Installation

Installing Huck Magna-Grip® Lock Bolts can be easily accomplished by anyone on the assembly team with tools that are typically readily available in any shop. Welding, on the other hand, requires someone with specialized training and equipment.

Less Rigidity

Using huck bolts provides a secure bond that is less rigid than the one that welding produces. When aluminum is welded, many structural engineers caution that microscopic cracks could form in the material as it cools.

Simple Service In The Field

If a repair is needed in the field, mechanical fasteners like Huck Magna-Grip® Lock Bolts can be quickly cut off and replaced with traditional lock nuts and bolts. Welds entail a more difficult process when field service is required.

Our Process

To deliver the superior performance and integrity that our customers expect, uses the following process with each glass carrier we manufacture:

  • Simple and accurate installations and expansive grip range is provided by the lock-groove, flush-breaking design of Huck Magna-Grip® Lock Bolts
  • Gap removal and consistently high clamp load are built into the huck bolt's system value and eliminate the need for precise hole preparation
  • A vibration-proof and permanent connection is formed by swaging the annular pin grooves and collar material together
  • Precise worker skills and specialized tools aren't needed to ensure perfect installations resulting in quicker turnaround