Glass Distributors Trust MyGlassTruck's Heavy Duty Vehicles

Glass Distributors Trust MyGlassTruck's Heavy Duty Vehicles

MyGlassTruck has made its top reputation over the last 30 years by manufacturing a variety of glass racks for customers of all sizes. When glass distributors are looking for a way to carry large payloads, they turn to our lineup of heavy duty glass bodies like the Patriot and Champion. With over 30 years in the transportation industry, we have experience installing our custom built glass bodies on just about any type of vehicle. With options for light duty commercial vehicles like the Ford Transit & F150 to heavy duty trucks and trailers, MyGlassTruck can build a vehicle that is the perfect fit for your glass delivery operation.

Every truck and trailer contains features that are available across our entire lineup. You can be sure that every rack is constructed from strong & lightweight aluminum, joined together by Huck fasteners that are superior to welding, and feature the most glass protection padding in the industry.

Your glass body is designed and built at our 50,000 square foot facility located in Glassboro, New Jersey. We employ state of the art equipment to ensure that your glass truck body is best-in-class. Our team of glass transportation experts, engineers, and technicians ensure that your glass body is manufactured to your exact specifications. The team at MGT will help guide you from your initial quote & engineering all of the way to delivery and implementation of your new vehicle.

Taking delivery of your glass rack or truck is just the beginning of our relationship. We also offer a one year warranty on all glass bodies, a dedicated parts website, and over the phone customer service.

You can read about our lineup of glass bodies below. When you are ready to begin building your perfect glass delivery vehicle we are just a click or a call away.

Open Glass Truck Body Options

Our open body designs are engineered to facilitate fast and easy loading of glass and any other materials you carry. They are available in a few different configurations like the Atlas, Patriot, and Titan.

Atlas Truck Body with Ford Transit Cab


The Atlas is available for vehicles like the Ford Transit where it adds more cargo room and functionality that a standard van allows. The Atlas can also be installed on Pick-up trucks after removing their bed. The Atlas body also has the ability to be shipped to to you or a installer of your choice.

Patriot Glass Truck Body on Kenworth Cab-Chassis


The Patriot family of glass bodies is available for a wide array trucks and offers more cargo and weight capacity than our Atlas bodies. The Patriot LT can be installed on Class 3-5 trucks and the Patriot HD can be installed on Class 5 and higher vehicles. Some of the standout features of a Patriot body include up to 10-foot high racks and extra deep ledges. With available lengths up to 28-feet you can carry those extra long or wide sheets of glass and a walkway in-between the racks provides plenty of extra cargo space.

Titan Glass Truck Body on Kenworth Cab-Chassis


Our Titan glass body takes most of it's features from the Patriot but adds a flatbed to the rear section of the truck. You still have the ability to carry large pieces of glass, but now you can also carry crates and other materials on the back of the truck. Depending on your delivery operation, a crane can be mounted on the back of the truck chassis, creating the Titan XD.

Enclosed Glass Truck Body Options

Our closed body designs provide you with the best of both worlds. Maximum glass carrying capacity with safety and security from the elements and product loss due to damage or theft.

Hero Glass Truck Body on Isuzu Cab-Chassis


The Hero truck body takes a few of its design cues from our Atlas body and wraps them in an aluminum enclosure with double rear doors. The Hero can be installed on cab-over chassis or select van cab-chassis. The aluminum body features glass racks on the inside and outside of the body, with plenty of storage for tools and other materials. There's also a translucent roof and LED lighting that help illuminate the inside of the cargo area. A walk ramp can also be incorporated to help make loading and unloading a breeze.

Champion Curtain-Side Glass Truck Body on Freightliner Cab-Chassis


The Champion LT, VX, and HD take many of the features found in the Patriot family of trucks and wrap them in a partially enclosed body with curtain sides. Loading and unloading glass is made effortless with the Champion's retractable PVC coated double-weave curtain. The curtains help protect your product from the elements and give you added piece of mind and security. Champion owners' favorite feature is the ability to customize the color of the curtain and add their logo turning their truck into a rolling billboard.

Combination Bodies

Sometimes your operation may require the use of both an open or a closed body. Or perhaps you can't decide if an open or closed truck body is the perfect fit. You may be wondering what do you do if you need the safety and security of a curtain-sided body and the storage space a flatbed provides. This is why MyGlassTruck has developed a line of Combination glass truck bodies. This line of trucks is home to the Defender and Apollo models as well as the Titan.

Apollo XD Glass Bod with Crane
Defender Glass Body

Glass Transport Trailers

Searching for the ultimate glass carrying body? Look no further than our Avenger Trailer. The Avenger allows you to add the large payload capacity of a semi-trailer to your glass delivery operation. The trailer can be customized to your specifications and can be a combination of open glass racks, a curtain-side body, or a flatbed.

Avenger Curtain-Side Glass Transport Semi Trailer

Ready To Work Together?

Our team will work closely with you to design and fabricate a new carrier that is ideal for your needs and delivery vehicle. Our glass racks are easy-to-install and can be shipped directly to you, or we can install your rack at one of our facilities.
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