February 28, 2024

MyGlassTruck's 18-foot Champion Units Redefine Glass Transport

MyGlassTruck's 18-foot Champion units on Isuzu chassis, enhance glass transport safety and maneuverability. Their design caters to urban sites, increasing glass carrying functionality in the glass industry.
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Recently, MyGlassTruck concluded the production of two 14-foot Champion units. The 14-foot Champion, characterized by its protective curtains, ensures the safeguarding of glass from potential damage during transportation. The smaller size of these bodies enhances maneuverability in urban environments and tight job sites. Installed on Isuzu cab-chassis, these truck bodies offer a combination of versatility and compact design. Notably, both units showcase distinctive green curtains, adding a unique aesthetic touch to the completed truck bodies. This recent production exemplifies MyGlassTruck's commitment to providing practical and innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of the glass and construction industry.

Champion Glass Truck Body: Elevating Your Glass Transport Game

The Champion Glass Truck Body, MyGlassTruck's signature vehicle, combines functionality and protection to meet the diverse needs of professionals in the glass and construction industry. Its innovative design features outer racks for easy loading with retractable curtains crafted to shield glass from the elements and debris.  

This glass truck body can be installed on class 3 and up cab-chassis, providing compatibility across a wide range of vehicles. Offering size options from 12 to 28 feet in rack length and exterior racks reaching up to 10 feet in height, the Champion caters to varying cargo dimensions.  

Inside the truck body includes two racks, ample floor space, and double rear doors equipped with anti-rack hardware for enhanced security during transit. Illuminating the interior with a translucent roof and LED lights, the Champion prioritizes visibility during loading and unloading, complemented by an optional rear walk ramp for added accessibility.  

Customization options allow customers to personalize curtains with graphics, adding a unique and professional touch to their glass truck. With a steadfast commitment to durability and protection, the Champion Glass Truck Body stands as a reliable and comprehensive solution, elevating the glass transportation game for industry professionals.

Considering a New Truck? Reserve Your Production Slot Today.  

If you are just starting shopping and have been quoted a vehicle delivery date that is just too far out, or a price that is too high, contact us. We may be able to help you get your new glass truck sooner. MyGlassTruck has a network of truck dealers we have always relied on to help us provide turnkey glass trucks right off the lot.  

While we do not have as many glass trucks in stock as in the past, we do have truck cab-chassis reserved to speed up the production process. With demand high and supplies low build spots are filling up fast. The sooner you get in line, the sooner you will be able to take delivery. Head on over to our In-Stock page to view our inventory.

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