April 6, 2023

Now Available: Sidekick Trailer with 12-Foot Glass Racks

MyGlassTruck is announcing a new version of their Sidekick Trailer designed to transport larger pieces of glass, now with 12-foot long glass racks and a higher weight capacity of up to 2800 lbs.
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The Sidekick Trailer from MyGlassTruck is the only purpose built glass carrying trailer for sale that is designed for hard working glaziers. The Sidekick is based on our standard glass rack design and mounts it onto a tow-behind trailer, increasing the amount of glass you can carry throughout the day. Sidekick is designed to give glaziers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to transporting glass. How we accomplished this is by building a product that gives you options that other glass transport systems can't. By designing a trailer that can carry the same amount of glass as a double-sided glass rack on a pickup truck, the Sidekick is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a 2nd vehicle. With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of only 4300 lbs. the Sidekick can be towed by nearly any type of work vehicle.

Now Available with 12-Foot Long Racks

We're thrilled to announce a new version of the Sidekick trailer with 12-foot long glass racks, now available for purchase here! This latest addition to the Sidekick family has been designed to cater to larger pieces of glass, providing customers with even more hauling capacity than the existing 8-foot version. With a higher weight capacity, this new trailer can handle heavier loads up to 2800 lbs. while still retaining the Sidekick's renowned versatility and ease of use. If you're looking for a reliable trailer to transport large pieces of glass, look no further than our new, larger Sidekick.

The Advantages of a Sidekick

The Sidekick Trailer is a versatile and durable solution for glass transportation. With up to 2,800 weight capacity, galvanized steel frame, and standard hitch for a 2” ball receiver and 7-way light plug, the trailer is easy to use and convenient. The electric brakes provide added safety and control, while the LED lighting ensures that the load can be seen at night. The aluminum A-Frame rack with  up to 12’ long x 7’ high glass racks on the left and right side, full length glass protection padding, six adjust-a-poles, 5” wide glass support ledge with rubber block pads, and storage space between racks all contribute to a safe and efficient glass transportation experience.

Order Your New Sidekick Today

Don't miss out on the ultimate flexibility and convenience of the Sidekick Trailer from MyGlassTruck! As the only purpose-built glass carrying trailer on the market, Sidekick offers glaziers the ability to transport large pieces of glass with ease. With the newly available 12-foot-long racks, you can carry even more glass throughout the day, up to 2800 lbs. Whether you're looking for a cost-effective alternative to a second vehicle or simply want the freedom to transport glass in a versatile and durable trailer, the Sidekick has you covered. Order now using the form below to experience the best in glass transport technology!

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Sidekick Trailer Offers Customers Options And Flexibility

Our new Sidekick trailer is designed to add the same value as a vehicle with a glass rack, at only a fraction of the price.
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