Second Ledge System: Expanding the Capabilities of Your Glass Rack

Second Ledge System: Expanding the Capabilities of Your Glass Rack

In this video, Joel Nudelman from MyGlassTruck introduces the Second Ledge, a game-changing product for glaziers who struggle with securing smaller pieces of glass on their glass racks. Joel explains the common problem faced by glaziers and presents the Second Ledge as the solution.  

With a live demonstration, Joel shows how the Second Ledge easily snaps into E-Track, creating a mini ledge system that allows for safe and secure transportation of smaller glass pieces on the upper part of the rack. He highlights the benefits of the Second Ledge, including its timesaving, user-friendly, and affordable features, with the main advantage being its ability to secure small glass pieces effectively.

Don't miss out on this innovative solution to simplify your glass transportation process. Watch the video now and discover how the Second Ledge can revolutionize your glass rack setup. Thank you for watching!

The second ledge is available for immediate purchase on our parts website.

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