New Ford Transit With A Glass Rack Headed To Michigan

Published Jul 24, 2019 Michael Mroczek
Wherever you are located, your perfect work van, fitted with a MyGlassTruck glass rack, is much closer than you might think. Take this Magnetic Grey Ford Transit with one our glass racks for example. A glazier from Michigan was searching for a new van and wanted one of our glass racks installed on it. Our sales team was able to work with our local Ford dealer here in New Jersey to source a new Transit van that matched the customers exact specifications, which included this awesome Magnetic Grey paint color. Once the van was secured our team installed one of our glass racks on to the vehicle. When the installation was finished we shipped the completed van out to Michigan to begin its working life. 

Quick Turnaround Time

In total it took just under two weeks from when the customer received their initial quote to take delivery of their new van and glass rack. MyGlassTruck can help with the purchase of a glass rack for your van or pickup, a glass truck body for when you need more carrying capacity, or even a brand new vehicle fitted with our equipment, like the van below. Call 844-364-4022 or email us at today for your free quote. 

Top Quality Glass Racks

Our racks are engineered to be durable, fuel efficient, and ensure your glass makes it to the job site in one piece, all while making fewer trips to the warehouse. Every rack is constructed from aluminum which helps you carry more glass and be more efficient at the same time. To construct our racks we use Huck fasteners, which are superior to welds that crack over time. We utilize the most glass protection in the industry to ensure your glass makes it to the job site damage free. Every rack comes standard with three of our Adjust-A-Poles and can be upgraded with a wide range of options including E-track and scissor style cleats.