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Patriot Body Class IV And V Cab Chassis

*Some optional equipment show. Call for details.

Patriot Body Class IV And V Cab Chassis

Features: Features: 16’ Long Open Glass Rack Truck Body, Fabricated with Huck® Aircraft-Grade Fasteners that are Superior to Welds for Joining Aluminum Large 14” Deep Outer Ledges, 16’ Long Body, Exterior and Interior Glass Carriers with 1/8-Inch Thick T6 Aluminum Posts and Slats Full-Length Horizontal and Vertical Rubber Padding, Splash Panel, Front Bulkhead Rear Step-Bumper with Anti-Skid Surface, T-Topped Adjust-A-Poles with Triangular Cleats for Cargo of Varying Thickness and Optional Over-the-Cab Metal Carrier.

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