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Interior Sliding Glass Rack For Vans

The Interior Sliding Glass Rack from MyGlassTruck provides a unique solution for having a glass rack inside your van. The “Slider” uses our standard glass rack design and mounts it onto a sliding base. This allows the rack to extend up to 70% out of the back of your van, making loading and unloading a breeze. The Slider's base is securely mounted to the van's floor in multiple locations and can hold up to 800lbs. when extended. While in transit, the Slider's base locks into place ensuring your cargo is safe. Slider's come standard with two rows of E-track and cargo straps providing you with plenty of ways to secure glass. A shelf on the opposite side of the rack provides plenty of storage for your tools.

Product Features

  • Up To 800lbs. Capacity When Extended
  • Mounted On Sliding Base For Easy Access Inside Van
  • Shelf On Opposite Side Of Rack For Storage
  • Comes Standard With Two Rows Of E-track And Cargo Straps
  • Ships Assembled
  • Easy-to-Install

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