December 2, 2019

Increase Your Glass Carrying Capacity With Help From MyGlassTruck

Increase You Glass Carrying Capacity With Help From MyGlassTruck
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At MyGlassTruck we like to make sure you have the right tools at your disposal to ensure your glass makes if from the shop, to the vehicle, and to the job site all in one piece. We know there a times when you need to increase the amount of cargo you can carry but you already have glass racks on either side of the vehicle. Products like our Shelf and Harp Racks can also serve a dual purpose, they add glass carrying capacity while maintaining a small footprint and the ability to store other types of cargo. If you need an extra hand around the shop or at the job site we have one of the largest selections of shop carts and dollies from Groves Incorporated.

Our racks are engineered to be durable, fuel efficient, and ensure your glass makes it to the job site in one piece. Every MGT rack is constructed from aluminum which helps you carry more glass and be more efficient at the same time. To construct our racks we use Huck fasteners, which are superior to welds that crack over time. We utilize the most glass protection in the industry to ensure your glass makes it to the job site damage free.

Interior Rack

Our Interior Glass Racks contain all the features you know and love about MGT racks. They are constructed of aluminum, assembled with Huck fasteners instead of welds that crack over time, and feature the most glass protection padding in the industry. Every rack ships standard with three of our Adjust-A-Poles and can be upgraded to include E-track and scissor style cleats. Interior racks can also be installed without ledges if you require a glass rack with a smaller footprint. Interior racks without ledges, ship with e-track and straps to secure your glass. Many customers choose to pair our interior and exterior glass racks together, so they can maximize the amount of glass they can carry.

Interior Slider

Next up, our Interior Sliding Glass Rack provides a unique solution for installing a glass rack inside your vehicle. The “Slider” uses our standard glass rack design and mounts it onto a sliding base. This allows the rack to extend up to 70% out of the back of your vehicle, making loading and unloading a breeze. The Slider's base is securely mounted to the vehicle's floor in multiple locations and can hold up to 800lbs. when extended. While in transit, the Slider's base locks into place ensuring your cargo is safe. Slider's come standard with two rows of E-track and cargo straps providing you with plenty of ways to secure glass. The opposite side of the rack provides some additional storage for your tools.

Shelf Rack

The Shelf Rack Combo was designed from the ground up to be the perfect blend of form and function. The outside of this shelving unit features a 5-degree sloped front surface with padded slats for transporting glass. The shelves feature plenty of room for storing your tools and hardware. Shelf-rack combo units are fabricated from aluminum utilizing Huck® aircraft grade fasteners that are superior to welds and bolts for joining aluminum. It's available in a variety of sizes and many of our customers combine two of them together to maximize their storage space. Shelf-rack combo units ship fully assembled with all mounting hardware and instructions required for installation.

Harp Rack

If you are look for a way to store multiple lites of glass then our newly designed Harp Rack is the answer. Our Harp Rack can store up to 12 lites and features a grooved bottom track to make loading and unloading as smooth as possible. At only 14 inches wide the rack can hold individual pieces of glass up to 96 inches long and 48 inches tall. We’ve also added two rows of exterior padding to help protect other cargo in your vehicle. Every Harp ships full assembled and can easily be installed in most vehicles.

Groves Shop Carts

We know that safely transporting your glass to the job site is only half the battle, and it's why we have one of the largest selections of quality glass dollies, trolleys, shop carts and windshield racks. For over 5 years, MGT has been a proud distributor of Groves Incorporated products. MyGlassTruck is the one stop shop for all of your glass handling needs. You can browse our full selection of carts and dollies here.

Need Something Bigger?

As always we have the biggest selection of Van and Pick-Up Racks available, and if you need an entirely new vehicle we have trucks in-stock across the country. We can even work with your dealer to help build your perfect work truck. Give us a call today at 1-844-364-4022 or email for more information and a FREE quote.

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