February 2, 2022

Grow Business Without Buying Additional Glass Delivery Vehicles

Adding an interior glass rack to the vehicle they already own is how some glaziers grow business without investing in additional vehicles.
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New and used vehicles are hard to come by. Sky rocketing costs, surcharges, poor availability, and long wait times have many glaziers looking for a way to grow their businesses without buying additional vehicles.

Adding an interior glass rack to the van or pickup you already own is one way to avoid that new truck payment as long as you can.

The additional racking space lets you transport more glass to jobsites each trip without investing in a new vehicle. Along with supporting growth, interior racks provide other advantages:

Less time wasted cleaning dirty glass. When glass is protected inside your van's cargo bay there's less cleaning required at the installation site.

Protect glass from damage during transport. Get that extra level of comfort by protecting your valuable glass inside your van or pickup bed.

Lockable rack space inside your van let's you load the night before to get an early start, or use the interior of your van for storage.

Imagine how these interior racks could make your job easier!

Fixed-Position Interior Glass Rack for Vans and Pickups

These bolt-in racks are made from aluminum to minimize weight and maximize payload capacity. Three custom-sized Adjust-A-Poles are included and we can also outfit your rack with E-track and cargo straps. Shown with optional ledge.  Available in a range of sizes.

Slider Roll-Out Glass Rack

Our standard rack mounted on a telescoping base. The Slider glides in and out of the vehicle's bed for struggle-free loading and unloading. Includes two rows of E-track and cargo straps for securing glass. Slider is available for vans and pickup trucks.

Glass Rack-Shelf Combo Unit

This interior glass rack doubles as a shelving unit for the best of both worlds. The shelving unit's exterior has a 5-degree pitch and features padded slats and tie-down holes for securing glass. The shelves have plenty of room for tools and hardware.

Strap-In Glass Rack

The strap-in rack provides a temporary glass transport solution. It straps inside the vehicle’s cargo bay using cargo-straps and E-track. It’s ideal for rental trucks, occasional deliveries, and storage. An optional padded ledge is available - not shown.

A-Frame Rack for Pickup Trucks

This double-sided A-frame rack mounts inside the bed of your pickup truck for an added level of protection. It has storage space between the racks and can be loaded over the bed wall. Two Adjust-A-Poles are included per side.

Harp Rack

Our harp rack stores up to 12 lites of glass and features a grooved bottom track for smooth loading and unloading. This 14 inch wide rack conserves space in your van and will hold individual sheets of glass up to 96 inches long and 48 inches tall.

Glass Carts, Dollies and Windshield Racks

Many of our storage racks and dollies can be loaded at the shop, fork-lifted into a vehicle, and then left at the job site for unloading when needed. Browse our full selection of carts and dollies here.

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