MyGlassTruck Open Glass Truck Body For Class IV And V Truck Cab-Chassis

MyGlassTruck Open Glass Truck Body For Class IV And V Truck Cab-Chassis designed this 16' long Patriot body around the popular Ford F550, F450 and Ram 4500, 5500 and upcoming iteration of the Chevy Silverado 4500, 5500 and other chassis models to create a compact glass delivery vehicle with extra-wide 14" outer ledges and up to 9,200 lbs. of payload capacity.

The aluminum body and racks are engineered to weigh less to maximize payload capacity while being strong and durable because rack posts and slats are made from custom aluminum extrusions. The body is fabricated with Huck® aircraft-grade fasteners that are superior to welds for joining aluminum and is supported by a welded steel sub-frame.

A flat deck with generous floor space and interior racks, and a section of tall exterior rack provide ample cargo space, and all surfaces that contact glass are fully padded with rubber for the ultimate in glass protection. T-topped adjust-a-poles with triangular neoprene cleats are included for securing cargo of varying thickness and optional E-track and straps are available. The body can be installed at our service centers or shipped for self-installation.

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